Commercial Humidifier Servicing


Humidifier Installation and Servicing

From complete humidifier specification to humidifier installation, to simply the changing of a steam cylinder, Humidity & Heating Ltd are able to offer humidifier installation, maintenance & servicing agreements for all makes of humidifiers and with many years experience servicing humidifiers we are able to provide cost effective maintenance solutions for all applications.
Commercial Humidifier Servicing
By performing regular maintenance or by having a maintenance / service agreement in place, you will be protecting the investment you have made in your humidification equipment by ensuring it runs effectively, efficiently and safely.

Each humidifier installation and servicing agreement can be tailored to your site's specific requirements. From one scheduled visit per year to frequent site visits by our specialist engineers, our maintenance agreements will suit all sites and give you the humidification performance you need.

One-off humidifier service or repair also available

When servicing humidifiers it can be considered in terms of two aspects: the functional aspect, with the purpose of maintaining the technical-operational characteristics over time; and the hygiene-health aspect, concerning the safety of the users and the public.

Furthermore, the delay in maintenance can increase the cost both for parts required for the repair work and labour time.

The benefits of regular maintenance / servicing:

  • Increased humidifier reliability
  • Energy savings
  • Optimum performance
  • Extended product life
  • Maximum humidity control
  • Fewer disruptions

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