Compressed Air Nozzle System

HygroMatik Compressed Air Nozzle System VN

VN Compressed Air Nozzle System

The HygroMatik atomization system for vacuum nozzles atomises tap water using cleaned and dried compressed air according to the injector principle. The air and water circuits are first combined at the nozzle tip. Consequently, stationary water does not come into contact with the air at any point. The atomising air flows through the nozzle. The resultant vacuum pressure sucks in water (including from a level below the nozzle) and atomises it into fine droplets within the aerosols. The system is hygienic, environmentally friendly and characterised by a low energy consumption.

he control unit activates regular, automatic cleaning cycles, has a 1-step control and enables simple, individualised setting of the atomization performance using the rotary knob.

The Hygrostat can be set to a desired humidity. It measures the actual relative humidity and activates the control unit if the air in the room is too dry.

The vacuum valve supplies up to 8 nozzles with water and is used to set the water pre-pressure. As it is suitable for water pressures greater than 2 bar, which corresponds to a normal mains water connection pressure, there is no need to boost the pressure.

The system provides adiabatic humidification, hence it also cools the room. It especially qualifies for heating charged environments like printing plants or the forming technology as well as for extremely robust usage in direct humidification.

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