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FRICO Fan Heaters - Commercial and Industrial

We supply and install electric fan heaters all of all types: commercial and industrial ranging from 1 to 30 kW. The range of fan heaters we supply vary from portable to wall mounted, to in wall type of fan heater. Each fan heater comes with a 5 year warranty, full operating instructions and manual.
FRICO Fan Heaters are exceptionally quiet. This is achieved through their extensive R&D factory in Skinnskatteberg, Sweden.
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frico tiger fan heater
FRICO Tiger Electric Fan Heater

Portable electric fan heater for hot yoga studios, warehouses, workshops, school halls, offices, etc. Comes in brilliant red! Perfect forgetting the temperature up! 1 - 5kW

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frico k21 fan heater
FRICO K21 Fan Heater

Another portable fan heater for small areas, in particular in small offices, workshops, sheds, conservatory. Beautifully made by FRICO - plug and play. 2kW

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fan heater CAT
FRICO CAT Electric Fan Heater

FRICO CAT Fan Heater. Wall mounted, thermostatically controlled. Perfect for more industrial applications to keep the chill off the workers and the machinery. Very quiet, and quick to install. 1 - 9kW.

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frico panther fan heater
FRICO Panther Heater 6 - 15kW

The Panther range of heaters combine fan power with heating power to deliver quiet heat for the warehouse of factory. Perfect for large spaces. 6 - 15kW

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frico panther 20 30 kW
FRICO Panther Heater 20-30kW

This industrial fan heater is the best in its class, capable of delivering up to 30kW of heat to any room. Three phase power supply needed. Wire it in and you are away. 20 - 30kW.

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frico elektra fan heater
FRICO Elektra Fan Heatert

Top of the range of fan heaters from FRICO. The Elektra H series is designed for rooms up to 70⁰C. Where high temperature heating or drying is needed on demand this is the perfect fan heater for the job.

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