FRICO CIR Infrared Heater


CIR Infrared Heater

CIR provide comfort all year around on terraces, balconies and open-air restaurants. CIR can also be used for spot heating in workshops and warehouses. Requires no protection against bad weather and has five-year corrosion warranty.


Infrared heaters give an intense, comfortable heat and prolongs the summer season. No moving parts mean a silent system that does not cause air movement or the spreading of dust and other particles.

Operation & Economy

Infrared heaters give instant heat, are simple and flexible to install and require minimum maintenance. People and objects are heated but not the surrounding air, which makes radiant heaters very efficient. This is especially effective outdoors. An infrared heater is also more energy efficient, safer and cleaner than a gas powered heater.


CIR is discreet with its slim design and silent, invisible operation and needs little space to fit in.

Product specifications

  • Infrared heater CIR is available in two versions:
    • CIR100 with outputs between 500 and 2000 W.
    • CIR200 with the same outputs and built-in switch.
  • Reflectors of high-gloss polished aluminium with maximum resistance against corrosion.
  • Grey terminal boxes of heat and weather resistant polycarbonate.
  • Adjustable mounting brackets for easy mounting on the wall or ceiling.
  • No risk for current leaks and thus no problem with a safety cut-out triggering off.
  • Casing of white lacquered aluminium zinc panels. Colour: RAL 9002, NCS 1502-Y. Protection grille of stainless steel.

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