FRICO Comfort Panel SZR Infrared Heater


Comfort Panel SZR

Comfort Panel SZR is used for water supplied heating/cooling systems. It can be mounted free hanging or integrated in false ceilings and suits environments such as offices, shops, etc.


Infrared heaters give a soft, pleasant heat and individual comfort can be created with spot and zone heating. They also provide excellent protection against cold draughts from windows. No moving parts means a silent system that does not cause air movements, meaning hygiene is improved when the spread of dust, bacteria and odour is reduced.

Operation & Economy

Infrared heaters have an easy and flexible installation and require a minimum of maintenance. Ceiling mounting leaves the walls free and increases safety. They give instant heat and the room temperature can be reduced with maintained comfort.


Discreet flat satin finished surface that matches most false ceiling panel designs. A perfect symmetry can be created with heating/cooling panels in combination with non active panels.

Product specifications

  • Comfort Panel SZR is available in following versions:
    • SZRxxxP for recessed mounting in false ceilings.
    • SZRxxxM for free hanging mounting..
  • The panels are available in five lengths with three different pipe settings. The lengths can be combined to a total panel length desired. Non active panels are available.
  • Complies to EN14037 which is based on the EU Construction Product Directives 89/106/CEE. EN14037 is compulsory for a CE mark for water heated radiant heaters.
  • Optimal heat distribution. For best possible contact the water tube is fixed by a cover plate welded to the radiating panel.
  • Suspension accessories are available.
  • Epoxy-polyester coating in RAL 9016 (white) as standard.

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