FRICO Elztrip EZ300 Infrared Heater


Elztrip EZ300

EZ300 is intended for total and supplementary heating in industrial environments such as warehouses, workshops etc.


Infrared heaters give an efficient and pleasant heat in the dwelling zone and individual comfort can be created with spot and zone heating. No moving parts means a silent system that does not cause air movements and a hygienic indoor climate is created when the spread of dust, bacteria or odours is reduced.

Operation & Economy

Infrared heaters have an easy and flexible installation and require a minimum of maintenance. They give instant heat and no preheating is necessary. Infrared heaters can give cost savings of up to 25% compared to convector heaters, especially in buildings with high ceilings that are used on an irregular basis.


EZ300 is a triple panel infrared heater with discreet and robust design that blends well with electrical fittings.

Product specifications

  • Integrated elements and a surface structure for improved efficiency.
  • The heaters are approved for serial connection.
  • Fixtures for easy mounting on the ceiling are included.
  • Casing of grey alu-zinc coated steel panels, very resistant against corrosion. Heating panel of naturally anodised aluminium.

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