FRICO Halogen Infrared Heater IH


IH Infrared Heater

Halogeninfra IH is powerful with a high filament temperature of 2200°C and is the perfect choice for exposed outdoor environments where design is important. IH can also be used as local heating in large premises. IH is available in two different designs. IHW gives a comfortable heat in the occupied zone from close range and also wider heat distribution. IHF has more direct heat distribution and is designed to be installed higher up.


Infrared heaters give an intense, comfortable heat and prolong the summer season. No moving parts mean a silent system that does not cause air movement or spread dust and other particles.

Operation & Economy

Infrared heaters give instant heat, are simple and flexible to install and require minimum maintenance. People and objects are heated but not the surrounding air, which makes radiant heaters very efficient. This is especially effective outdoors. A radiant heater is also more energy efficient, safer and cleaner than a gas powered heater.


IH is easy to position thanks to its compact design. The discreet and appealing look makes it suitable for outdoor environments with design demands.

Product specifications

  • IIH is available in two versions:
    • IHW provides wide heat distribution(60°), recommended installation height 1.8 – 2.5 m.
    • IHF provides directed heat distribution (40°),recommended installation height 2.3 – 3.5 m.
  • IH consists of a halogen lamp with a faint red glow and a very high intensity and a highly-polished reflector for optimum heat distribution.
  • Bracket for wall mounting. Can also be suspended from the ceiling or mounted on a post. Other mounting alternatives are available as accessories.
  • Equipped with a 0.9 metre cord with plug for connection to an earthed outlet socket.
  • Casing in anodised aluminium, grille in Nickel/ Chrome plating, end caps in powder-coated light-alloy metal. Colour: RAL 9006.

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