FRICO PA2500 Air Curtain

FRICO PA2500 Air Curtain

PA2500 Stylish air curtain for entrances with intelligent control

  • Recommended installation height 2,5 m*
  • Horizontal mounting
  • Lengths: 1, 1,5 and 2 m
  • Ambient, no heat
    Electric heat: 5 - 16 kW
    Water Heat


The PA2500 creates a temperature dividing air barrier that effectively prevents cold drafts and gives excellent heating comfort in door ways, such as shops, offices and public offices.

The air curtain has many intelligent and energy saving features which provide fully automatic protection for the entrance, adaptable to each area of use.


The PA2500 has a modern and stylish design developed to fit all entrances. A recess on the upper side of the unit with electrical heating simplifies installation and makes it more attractive.The front can be finished in any colour to perfectly match the environment.

Product specifications

  • Prepared for the SIRe control system whose pre-programmed default settings and many features make it easy to install and use the air curtain. Read more about the SIRe controls package in the "Controls" section.
  • 3 fan steps and 3 electrical heating steps, which give more even comfort and extra energy savings.
  • Wall brackets included.
  • The front is easy to remove, which facilitates installation and allows easy maintenance.
  • Corrosion proof housing made of hot zinc-plate and powder enamelled steel panels. Colour front: white, RAL 9016, NCS S 0500-N. Colour grille, rear section, ends and brackets: grey, RAL 7046.

Air Velocity Profile


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