FRICO RDS Air Curtain

FRICO RDS Air Curtain


RDS is an ideal air curtain solution for revolving doors. The air curtain is installed above the door and the exhaust duct is adapted to the diameter of the door, which gives a neat and discrete solution. A revolving door prevents continuous drafts but still lets in a certain amount of cold air at every rotation. The air curtain prevents the cold air from penetrating and gives good heating comfort.


The RDS consists of a unit and an exhaust duct adapted to the shape and colour of the revolving door. The product key offers many options for the design and finish of the air curtain.

Product specifications

  • Prepared for the SIRe control system whose pre-programmed default settings and many features make it easy to install and use the air curtain. Read more about the SIRe controls package in the "Controls" section.
  • Customised production based on the product key.
  • The SIRe control system offers the possibility of frost protection for water heated units.
  • The front of the duct is covered by a duct panel that is available in polished high gloss, polished or brushed stainless steel. It is also available in powder coated steel, in any RAL/NCS colour. Exhaust duct and air curtain in powder coated steel, white, RAL 9016. Aluminium louvres.

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