The SFS is an air curtain with many clever functions, specially designed for revolving doors. The air curtain is mounted vertically and its curved design integrates neatly with the door. SFS efficiently protects the exposed area just above the floor. A revolving door prevents continuous drafts but still lets in a certain amount of cold air at every rotation. The air curtain prevents the cold air from penetrating and gives good heating comfort.


The SFS has a curved design that follows the shape of the revolving door and is available in powder-coat painted or stainless steel. The product key offers many options for the design and finish of the air curtain.

Product specifications

  • Prepared for the SIRe control system whose pre-programmed default settings and many features make it easy to install and use the air curtain. Read more about the SIRe controls package in the "Controls" section.
  • Customised production based on the product key.
  • Standard length is 2200 mm. Lengths up to 3 m can be ordered according to the product key (extension without fans). Extension hoods, for heights up to 4 m, are available as an accessory.
  • The air curtain is mounted to the left of the revolving door. Air curtains for installation to the right can be specially ordered.
  • Available in polished high gloss, polished or brushed stainless steel. Also available in powder coated steel, any RAL/NCS colour. Aluminium louvers. Colour intake grille: grey, RAL 7046.

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