FRICO Thermostats & Controls


FRICO thermostats create great comfort and save energy in public and commercial premises as well as in home environments. They control electrical and water borne floor heating, heat pumps, direct effect electric radiators/convectors and air conditioning. They are also extremely suitable for use with electrically or water heated infrared heaters, fan heaters and air curtains. The range offers everything from processor controlled thermostats with advanced functions to mechanical capillary tube thermostats.


Their precise thermostats create an even temperature and good indoor environment. Processor controlled thermostats also offer many variable functions in the same thermostat. A great advantage is the opportunity to control room and floor heating in integration. By limiting the temperature (min/max) of the floor heating, one has a pleasant floor temperature regardless of the season or selected room temperature.

Operation & Economy

The thermostats can be used to control either slow systems such as floor heating or faster systems such as electric radiator/convectors. Correct control gives a longer service life of the system and lower energy consumption. Precise thermostats provide economical heating. With save reduction one can choose to have lower temperatures, for example at night to give further savings.


Timeless and discreet design, which blends in well with all environments.

Product Specifications - functions within the range

  • Digital display for exact setting and reading.
  • Internal and/or external sensors. Possibility of selecting the sensor function and limiting external sensors (min/max).
  • Save reduction.
  • Possible to control heating or cooling.
  • Protection class up to IP55.
  • On/off control (for slow systems) or proportional control (for faster systems) in the same thermostat.
  • Temperature range to to -35°C.

Basic controls

T, TK, TD, basic offer thermostats

Processor controlled thermostats for room/floor heating. Available with concealed/visible dial or digital display.

RTI, electronic 2-step thermostats

Processor controlled 2-step thermostats for room heating/cooling. Available with concealed or visible dial.


RTS01, external sensor (accessory)

External sensor of NTC type 10 Kohm. 3m cable included.


KRT, capillary tube thermostats

Capillary tube thermostats for room heating/cooling. Available with concealed and visible dial and control in 1 or 2 steps. more information

ERP, electric heating control

Stepless pulse control intended for single phase or two phase electric heaters. more information