FRICO UF600 A Air Curtain

FRICO AC500 A Air Curtain

Air curtain for use with under floor outlet in large industrial doorways

  • For doors up to (H x W): 6 x 12 m
  • Vertical Mounting

Ambient, no heat


UF600 creates a very effective air barrier when air at high speed is pushed out through a narrow channel situated in the floor inside the door opening. An air barrier directed upwards from the floor gives the best possible protection against cold air flowing into the premises.


UF600 consists of one or two pillars with inlet hood, silencers and fans, as well as a floor channel with its slot at floor level. The pillars are placed inside or outside the door on either (or both) sides of the opening. The floor channel width and blowing angle is adapted to the specific door.

Product specifications

  • UF600 is available in the following models:
    • UF601 for doors up to 3 x 4 m (H x W)
    • UF602 for doors up to 3 x 6 m (H x W)
    • UF603 for doors up to 4 x 5 m (H x W)
    • UF604 for doors up to 4 x 6 m (H x W)
    • UF605 for doors up to 6 x 6 m (H x W)
    • UF606 for doors up to 6 x 12 m (H x W), UF606 corresponds to two UF604
  • The floor channel is cast in the floor.
  • Outer casing is galvanised steel.


AVP - UF600_A

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