HygroMatik High Pressure Nozzle System HDS

HDS High Pressure Nozzle System

The adiabatic high pressure nozzle system HygroMatik HDS humidifies the air in air-conditioning and ventilation system and provides very high humidification performance for an extremely low energy requirement and with maximum control accuracy. Very precise stainless steel high pressure nozzles produce a very fine mist, which is very quickly absorbed by the air in the unit chamber. In addition, the vortex wall, comprised of very advanced vortex modules, mixes the duct air with the atomised mist in the shortest possible absorption distance. Thanks to the fast and very efficient absorption there is almost no water loss - thus saving demineralised water. The optimum efficiency means the system can achieve short absorption distances of as low as 0.9 m. Moreover, due to its modular construction, the HDS is suitable for use in any air conditioning duct, saving costs during both planning and installation. While other systems use only a one drop separator, the HDS is equipped with two easy-to-remove, cleanable drop separators from a high-quality inert metal braiding. These ensure particularly reliable aerosol separation and maximum hygiene. For maximum operating safety, the cabinet can be closed preventing unauthorised persons from gaining access.

Precise Control

The PLC control offers optimally accurate humidity control with an accuracy of +/- 1%. The graphical display outputs all messages and operating data and has an easy-to-use menu-driven user-interface. Constant monitoring of all system components and functions guarantees maximum operating safety.

Adiabatic cooling effect

The evaporation of the fine mist cools the air adiabatically. With forced draught cooling in summer, this can save up to 1/3 in the dimensioning of the cooling register. This saves cost at the investment and during operation.

Energy saving and environmentally conscious

The high pressure atomization of approximately 75 bar offers high humidification performance for a low energy requirement. Due to its high efficiency and precise controllability, the well thought-through and designed system ensures highly efficient use of fully demineralised water and, due to minimum water loss, extremely low water use.

Humidification with fully demineralised water effectively prevents limescale deposits and ensures a particularly low maintenance requirement. Due to the complete foregoing of chemical and biological disinfectants, there is no need for frequent cost-intensive checking and refilling of antiseptic agents. This process saves money and benefits the environment. The HDS ensures a quick payback and long service life through the use of high quality components.


Only the fully demineralised water, without any additives, reaches the breathable air. The system contains no porous, water storing components, standing water is effectively avoided and if stationary, the system is automatically emptied. Only inert (i.e. chemically reaction-neutral) materials come into contact with the humidifying water in the HDS. Consequently, chemical or biological disinfectants can be completely dispensed with. You also will not have to deal with the expensive disposal of contaminated hazardous waste. Hygiene conformity has been completely certified by ILH.


The HygroMatik HDS conforms to German standards VDI 6022, 3808 and DIN 1946, the corresponding Austrian and Swiss standards and the European standard, DIN EN 13779.

A recognised independent testing institute has investigated and confirmed the conformity with the directives and the recognized state of the art (VDE test report no. 802300-3980-0001/85569). HygroMatik HDS is fully certified with the hygiene conformity test certificate for air conditioning and hospital sectors as well as being CE certified.

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