HeaterCompact Kit

HygroMatik HeaterCompact Steam Humidifier

HygroMatik HeaterCompact Steam Humidifier
HeaterCompact Kit Spa Steam Humidifier

The HygroMatik HeaterCompact Kit is available in seven unit sizes with maximum steam output from 2 to 27 kg/h. As a heater type steam generator it is suitable for operation with normal tap water (up to 15° German hardness). Operated with fully demineralised water the units are almost maintenance free. Steam production takes place free from interruption without blow-down to ensure high control accuracy. The HeaterCompact Kit produces hygienic steam, efficiently, safely and environmentally friendly. If you purchase larger numbers, it can be manufactured according to your requirements regarding voltage and design of your panel.

High safety

The water is heated in an energy-efficient plastic cylinder using resistor type heaters. All heater units are equipped with a mechanical overheat protection on the heater and a float switch for level control - this double safety concept ensures highest operational safety.

Simple maintenance and long service life

The proven high quality components of our units guarantee a long operation time and a long service life. When operated with softened water or tap water, the minerals in the water (e.g. limescale) separate out. Our robust blow-down pump allows hardeners to be transported directly from the cylinder into the drain. This process extends maintenance cycles significantly. SuperFlush, our rinsing system, which is optionally available considerably extends cylinder standing time. If the HeaterCompact Kit is operated with fully demineralised water, there will be very few deposits and the maintenance requirement will be minimal. The cylinder can be opened, cleaned without the need for any additional chemicals and reused. This is very simple, time and money saving with an additional environmental benefit. Upon request the HygroMatik controls Basic, Comfort and ComfortPlus DS can be integrated.

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