HygroMatik HyLine Spa Steam Generator

HygroMatik HyLine Spa Steam Generator

HyLine Spa Steam Generator

The exceptionally robust electrode HygroMatik HyLine steam generators are designed for continuous use in your spa . The HyLine series offers you 10 unit sizes with steam outputs from 5 to 116 kg/h. The units are characterised by their safety, environmental compatibility, efficiency and optimum hygiene and are precisely targeted at the promotion of health and well-being. The proven high quality components of our steam generators guarantee long operating times and a long service life. The cabinet is manufactured from corrosion-resistant stainless steel and the cylinder is manufactured from high-quality, hygienic plastic in order to prevent heat loss.

Hygienic steam for well-being

The large surface and exchangeable electrodes are formed from a durable and a high quality stainless steel and will start working very quickly. Their special Quick-Fit fastening system enables particularly easy electrode replacement - without any need for tools.

When water evaporates, the minerals contained in the water are deposited. The minerals must be removed during maintenance, to prevent the unit from scaling up. HygroMatik has integrated a durable blow-down pump in the cylinder to considerably extend the maintenance cycles. Hardeners are transported directly into the drain and the small particles can also be pumped out. The centrally divided steam cylinder has a particularly large volume - which also considerably extends the operating times.

Maintenance can easily be carried out. The cabinet is easily opened thanks to a removable unit cowling - all components are easily accessible. The cowling can be closed, which prevents unauthorized access. Cylinder cleaning takes minutes without the need for chemicals. Simply open, clean and carry on using. Plug-in hose connections, steam hose adapter and manually operated water drainage will to save time. Our competent team will precisely explain maintenance implementation for you to make it as simple as possible.

Modern microprocessor controls

HygroMatik steam generators are controlled using advanced microprocessors. The powerful 16 bit processors ensure optimum energy use and low maintenance operation by constantly adjusting settings to match the available water quality. The controls can process all common control signals and are very easy to use. Numerous extras such as modular expandability, remote control and additional connection options offer flexible solutions for all steam bath applications. We will be happy to help you by providing detailed instructions that are precisely tailored to your individual requirements on the operation of each unit.

The Comfort DS control offers you

Automatic system test;
Uniform steam production and constant steam bath temperature;
Programmable power retention;
Continuous or 1 step temperature control;
Optional relay board for simultaneous connection and control of fragrance pump, steam bath fan and light;
4 line illuminated display;
4 function keys for easy operation and parameter setting;
5 LEDs to display operating messages;
Maximum temperature monitoring with safety switch-off.

The ComfortPlus DS also provides

Rotary pushbutton encoder for very simple operation and parameter setting;
Integrated RS485 serial interface;
Timer function.

Expansion options

SuperFlush, the innovative cylinder flush device, aids the operation of the blow-down pump to directly pump out the remaining hardeners. This will considerably extend the cylinder's operating time;
The CylinderStar can be used in highly conductive water to extend the service life of the electrodes;
Use of galvanized electrodes with chloride levels of over 50 mg/l prevents stainless steel corrosion.
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