Infrared Heaters

Supply & Installation of the Complete FRICO & ILO Infrared Heater Ranges


Thermoplus is mounted above windows and gives an efficient protection against cold draughts. The slim shape also makes it suitable for heating areas with limited space, like for example bathrooms.

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Thermocassette is intended for discreet heating in offices, bathrooms, schools etc. Designed for either surface or recessed mounting it is well suited for total heating as well as for spot heating of for example a reception desk.

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Elztrip EZ100

EZ100 is intended for total and supplementary heating as well as protection against cold draughts from windows in environments such as offices, shops, restaurants etc.

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Elztrip EZ200

EZ200 is intended for total and supplementary heating as well as protection against cold draughts from windows in environments such as, department stores, assembly halls, industrial premises etc.

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Elztrip EZ300

EZ300 is intended for total and supplementary heating in industrial environments such as warehouses, workshops etc.

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IR is suitabe for total or supplementary heating of premises with large volume and high ceilings. It can also be used outdoors for example on sport arena stands or to keep loading bays dry and frostless.

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IRCF is especially designed for spot heating of premises with large air volumes, such as churches, aircraft hangars and marquees.

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ELIR gives an intense heat suitable for all outdoor applications and rough industrial premises. While ELIR is light, stable and portable it is also well suited for temporary heating on building sites etc

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CIR provide comfort all year around on terraces, balconies and open-air restaurants. CIR can also be used for spot heating in workshops and warehouses.

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Halogeninfra IH is powerful with a high filament temperature of 2200°C and is the perfect choice for exposed outdoor environments where design is important. IH can also be used as local heating in large premises. IH is available in two different designs.

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Comfort Panel SZR is used for water supplied heating/cooling systems. It can be mounted free hanging or integrated in false ceilings and suits environments such as offices, shops, etc.

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Infrared heaters give an efficient and pleasant heat in the dwelling zone and individual comfort can be created with spot and zone heating.

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Thermostats & Controls

FRICO thermostats create great comfort and save energy in public and commercial premises as well as in home environments. They control electrical and water borne floor heating, heat pumps, direct effect electric radiators/convectors and air conditioning. They are also extremely suitable for use with electrically or weyheated infrared heaters, fan heaters and air curtains. Frico offer everything from processor controlled thermostats with advanced functions to mechanical capillary tube thermostats More Information on Thermostats & Controls