HygroMatik Low Pressure Nozzle System LPS

LPS Low Pressure Nozzle System

The HygroMatik low pressure system LPS for adiabatic humidification and exhaust air cooling in air conditioning systems is particularly easy to install, space saving (B: 600 mm H: 700 mm D: 238 mm), quiet and suitable for even short absorption distances. It is therefore excellently suited for the simple and fast upgrading of existing air conditioning systems. The wall-mounted cabinet is made from sturdy stainless steel. Together with the HygroMatik vortex-turbulence generating modules the system is able to achieve optimum efficiency. The water-lubricated pump ensures maintenance-free operation for up to 25,000 operating hours, which corresponds to approximately 5 years running time.

Adiabatic cooling effect

The evaporation of the fine mist cools the air adiabatically. With forced draught cooling in summer, this can save up to 1/3 in the dimensioning of the cooling register.

Nearly maintenance free and environmentally conscious

The particularly innovative, water-lubricated pump offers maintenance-free operation of up to 25,000 operating hours, corresponding to approximately 5 years running time. The system operates oil-free, i.e. cleanly and safely. Humidification with fully demineralised water effectively prevents limescale deposits. There are no further maintenance requirements apart from the very easy replacement of the water filter and visual and operational checks. The low energy consumption and complete foregoing of disinfectants saves money, benefits the environment and is more hygienic. There is no need for further cost-intensive checking and refilling of antiseptic agents.


Only the completely demineralised, hygienic water, without any additives, reaches the breathable air. The system contains no porous, water storing components, standing water is effectively avoided and if stationary, the system is automatically emptied. Only inert materials come into contact with the humidifying water in the LPS. Consequently, chemical or biological disinfectants can be completely dispensed with.

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